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Advantages of Graffiti


“Castelothes is a bomber, said that graffiti not only good writing but also graffiti is emotions”. A scratch divided into two parts : graffiti and mural. The word of Graffiti came from greece “graphien”, it means writing. In My opinion, graffiti is drawing or writing something on a wall or pillars in public place with the use of aerosol spray and paints. As we know, the government have rules for vandalizing public facility, if someone destroying public facility, practitioners must be put in jail. In this essay, we will see different side about advantages of graffiti. Someone who draw or write something on a wall or pillars in public place with the use of aerosol spray and paints is always called “Bomber”. Graffiti is not something futile because graffiti has some advantages such as it can refresh our mind, it can help us to get extra income and it can help us to increase our creativity.
Firstly, it can refresh our mind. It means graffiti can give us spirit especially when we are face a traffic jam. Some people feels bored when they are face traffic jam but if there is graffiti on road, we can feel better than before because we can see funny picture and statement from graffiti. The researcher said that colors are very useful for refresh our mind, like the color of green. If you see the object which is green, you can feel fresh than before. Because graffiti is full of colors, so graffiti is useful for refresh our mind.
Secondly, it can help us to get extra income. From some exhibitions we can get profit, we can join in some events to show our graffiti to audience and if we are lucky we will be the winner. We can get much money from exhibitions. Besides that, we can get profit from competitions. Not only money that we can have from competitions, but also to closeness among bombers. So we can get idea from other bombers. Take Pramono Sujiwo who is a bomber as an example, since he was child graffiti became parts of his life because he loves it very much. Oneday he drew a graffiti, he joined in a competition and he was be the first winner from that event. His graffiti was sold for $ 2000. He was very surprised and he was proud of himself. It is amazing. That from drawing on the walls Pramono Sujiwo can get extra income although graffiti is only his hobby. Then, we can get payment from public service advertisement. The government of Yogyakarta has a budget for bombers to make public service advertisement on the walls or pillars. For example, a bomber make advertisement about prohibitive regulation for smoking in public area, because it is very needed to reduce our generation to be a smoker. From that graffiti, the government hopes that poor people can read the advertisement even though they are illiterate, or poor people just glancing it without electronic technology like television.
Then, we can get payment from commercial advertisement, like motorcycle advertisement. The bomber must have an idea to make the amazing advertisement and useful for people who read. Bomber make advertisement full of colors so that people around can read the advertisement and they are interested in buying a product. Bombers not only can delivering a message for buying a product but also bombers can creating important message, like using a helmet when you ride a motorcycle. From that way, bombers can get money from commercial advertisement.
Thirdly, it can help us to increase our creativity. It means that graffiti is the right place to express our creativity. With graffiti, we can get our creativity, by drawing or painting something that is useful for others. Besides that, graffiti can develop our sense of art. When you make a graffiti, graffiti develop indirectly your sense of art because graffiti is an art. The art is divided into some parts such as graffiti and mural. They are related each other and cannot be separated.
In summary, graffiti can give us more advantages than disadvantages. Graffiti make a walls or pillars be good. Besides that, graffiti can give exercise for your left brain to grind your brain. So, Graffiti is not vandalism because it is good hand writing or drawing. And everybody have ability to create an art like graffiti, it is begin from hobby and finally it is become a strength. If you have a strength like drawing or painting, try to develop your strength, who knows your graffiti can make your life be good.

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