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Sweet Seventeenth
I was born in Depok, February 11th 1989. I lived with my parents. My father’s name is Eddy Suryana and My mother’s name is Erna Marhaeni, beside that i had one brother and one sister. My brothet’s name is Denny Indra Pasha and My sister’s name is Yolla Yulia Fiani. When i was celebrated My 17th birthday, i was very happy. My father said that “if i were mature person”. He thought, i could considered, it is a good or it is a bad. At the moment, february 11th 2006, i was very happy because my friend in a second grade gave me some surprise, such as ; my friend had a joke for me, i called by my teacher. She said that “if i had been done debauched lifestyle”. My friend came to the headmaster’s room and she told the teacher as if i did it. I am in silver lining. I did not know what should i do. After that, i must ran ten times and i felt very tired, fortunately i am not pass out, and then the teacher ask me to be in the class, when i opened the door i am fed up with my friend because they are kidding me, but i felt happy.
Beside that, my secret admirer gave me a tart cake, and suddenly my friend thrown up a tart cake into my face and then it become disordered, and the next day my parents gaves me surprised again. My parents invited me to the bandung for weekend, at bandung my parents treats me for my favourite food, it is a “BMK”, actuallyin sarinah plaza there are BMK but it is different situation. Although, i’ve had it up to here but i felt very happy and satisfied.

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